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The world is.... as you make it. The secret rule of happiness.

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Welcome to Core Essence Optimal !

I'm so happy you've found us! Together with a group of incredible people - whom I'm lucky to call friends, we have created a platform for growth and inspiration. At our foundation lies a belief that an optimal health means a connection to four elements: mind, body, soul and... nature! The healing power of nature has been strongly emphasised in our programs.

Why have I created Core Essence Optimal? I have been lost in polarities of life and tormented by strong emotions of the opposite kind in the past. I know I'm not the only one with such experience. In fact, I believe it is written into human condition and an inevitable part of a life journey. The only difference between you and I is how well we handle a change and a challenge. Perhaps it had taken me longer than it could have had to heal and find balance but then I like to think it was for a very good reason. As now it has become clear that it is my life purpose to share my experience and the wisdom gained. I have learnt different methods, therapies, healing modalities and have met incredible teachers on my way to health. I'm grateful for this period of searching and I can share the fruits of this journey with you now..

Finding equilibrium

This is the biggest insight I can offer - finding your peace and comfort is a process, a never ending journey with moments or even longer periods of balance and happiness. Usually, the external world will affect this balance and only you can find it back. If you have the tools and methods which work for you, you have the winning card.

It takes time and practice to find the “happy place”. However, this can be accelerated by inspiration coming from community sharing experiences and wisdom. It is an individual responsibility to find their “happy“ and create the live they want, however we have experienced teachers, healers and mentors to support our clients.

Do you create your world or allow the world to create your life?

I will be interested to know your answer! Please book some time with me for a non-obligatory chat and I’ll tell you what kind of support we can offer.

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