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Awakening to the down - spiritual awakening.

Watching the dawn in nature is one the most energising and tantalising moments I continue to experience. It requires an early start, pushing through the darkness and sleepiness and the inconvenience of being straight out of bed and into the outside. Standing there seeing darkness but with a glimpse of light, just a promise of it. Staring in the horizon and waiting for the sun to show up.... but it seems to take ages. Every single time. And then a miracle happens... blossoming and bursting with colours and shades of orange, pink and velvet, breathtaking enough to cause some dizziness, warming the skies and the land, bringing an awe and gratitude for being alive - the sun shows up!

This is exactly how I describe my feelings about spiritual awakening process. I’ve been going through it since some time following the birth of my son, single motherhood and challenges related to my son's autism but 2020 brought a major shift and a new perspectives on my purpose in life. I attended an event meaningfully called a Transformation Day in Los Angels in February 2020, a month before the pandemic. An experience I will never forget with a group of like-minded individuals and inspiring teachers who shared their life knowledge and experiences to heal us from traumas and confusion and more importantly to bring a sense of connection with spirit. A beautiful day and it all started at the dawn. Following this experience I discovered my role as a connector and guide continuing my own dance between light and darkness, two polarities of life.

I am that someone who understands the darkness from her own profound, at times heavy experiences and also someone who has found the joy and beauty of the lighter side, someone who has searched and asked and met amazing teachers along a twisty road to healing and creating my desired life.

Spiritual awakening is transforming and rejuvenating, happening in its own rhythm beyond our control. It brings darkness and light as two polarities co-existing in a perfect harmony...and the more we trust in the darkness dissolving into the light each and every single time, the more we let go of control and follow the rhythm of mind, body and soul the more colourful and full of awe our lives become. It truly is a dawn of life.

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