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Welcome to Core Essence Optimal

We are a group of trainers and coaches who have one mission - to assist with raising consciousness in

various aspects of life and work. A conscious leader, a conscious man / woman, a conscious friend,

a conscious lover hold an increasingly important role in the quickly evolving post-pandemic world.

We include new and often alternative tools and techniques in our individual and corporate training

to sustain this direction in human developments.

Monika Bodera


Monika Bodera has created Core Essence Optimal as a platform for a new type of personal development teaching. She has been committed to finding peace and balance with her own challenges which resulted in a heart-driven mission of her work. Universal Law of Polarity and a polarity therapy have been the biggest inspirations in Monika’s search for the most effective modalities for individuals committed to healing and growth as well as business owners and corporate people ready for the next stage in the world development. 

Monika is a Vice-Chairwoman for a charity organisation Divine Energy International. In the past she managed Events for Corporate and Diplomatic Members and was a business owner of a recruitment and employment firm and a marketing research company later. She was born in Poland, spent half of her life in London and then moved to a spiritual land of Abruzzo, her current home in Italy.


Monika is a mother, a speaker and a trained Corporate Wellness and a Sacred Space Facilitator.



Tony Lucero


Founding Partner

For over 3 decades Tony has worked with a variety of companies establishing Culture, Leadership Development and Expansion. One of his companies has generated over 2 billion in global sales in 17 countries. His personal team grew to over 48,000 members and generated over 285 million in sales. Tony became the recipient of the MVP award for generating over 98 million in sales in one calendar year.


As a certified clinical hypnotherapist and sound alchemist Tony understands how to utilize different modalities to create lasting change.

He is a published author, father, adventurer, renowned speaker and the founder of the Frequency Factory - a personal growth company specializing in human activation.

United States

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Meet The Team


Sergio Montebello

    As a young child, it was evident that Sergio was already aware of his true spiritual nature; he used to tell his mother that he could see different colours surrounding people. He later found out that he could see people's auras. As a young teen, Sergio was already looking for answers to life's greatest question - why are we here? His quest led him to study traditional religions such as Buddhism, Sikhism, Islam, and Christianity, then moving on to Taoism, Zen, the Kabbalah, Hermeticism and just about anything else he could read to try and find answers. 

    His journey led him to train as a psychic medium in 2010 delivering messages to loved ones at no cost, purely for validation.  After building a successful business, Sergio suffered a karmic lesson that completely destroyed his world. The crippling situation severely affected Sergio’s health and finances. He concluded that this perceived negative situation was a lesson, a lesson he would need to overcome by tapping into all that he had learnt throughout his life so far.


    Now, Sergio is dedicated to helping others discover their true selves, to unleash their untapped hidden power, and build the life they were born to live. Sergio has coached individuals, teams, and corporations using ancient techniques that apply to the modern world.


    Profile pic b&w.jpg

      Suzi Edwards

    United Kingdom

      Suzi's spiritual journey started 15 years ago after her experience of life with a narcissist partner. She was lost and confused, yet she knew there had to be more to life than this and started to explore spirituality. Looking back now, Suzi realises that she has always felt disconnected and misunderstood by people around her, however these feelings were her intuition trying to guide her towards the spiritual path. She always had psychic abilities and intuitive hits.

      Towards the end of her abusive relationship she began having prophetic knowings, usually warnings about things her partner was going to do or say that would cause distress. Not long after this, she suddenly felt an intense yearning for a tarot reading. The effects of her tarot reading were also so profound that it changed the course of her life forever. From then on,  Suzi dedicated herself to developing and honing her psychic abilities through energy work, meditation and self-reflection as well as energy healing modalities such as chakra work, crystal healing, Reiki 1 and 2, and the moon. She started to do readings for friends and family, using tarot cards as a tool for guidance, soon got a job with Psychic Today and set up her own business. This led her to study The Akashic Records, which she currently specialises in.


      Suzi helps others on their own spiritual journey providing them with the tools and guidance they need to find inner peace and harmony and helping people reconnect with their soul to create a life of purpose.


      Nikki Cornfield pic.JPG

      Nikki Cornfield


        Fast forward through a childhood of travel and adventures Nikki landed her dream job with British Airways. The illness that soon followed she views as a universal blessing in disguise, changing the course of her life forever. Following her instincts, she turned away from the medical system and in her quest to heal naturally decided to trust her own inner guidance system ‘the path of the soul’ to help her find the way. 


        She is a natural writer from childhood, a gift she believes not only helped her find her own way back to her authentic self in the latter years but also a channel to source, helping her bring messages of truth, health, and healing from elsewhere. 


        Nikki is passionate about assisting others to be empowered to take charge of their own healing powers to heal themselves naturally. She is a certified Reflexologist, Iridologist and Holistic Health Coach. Educating in all areas of natural health and healing especially detoxing, fasting, juicing and water fasting and plant-based nutrition. She is also a certified Yoga Alliance ISHTA Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Reiki Energy Healing Practitioner. 


        With twenty years’ experience as an expat and traveling and relocating with children she is also well placed now to help other expat women, new or experienced in dealing with all the challenges that arise.

        Arek's profile b&w.jpg

        Arek Hezler


        Professional Dancer, Trainer, Breath Instructor and a Certified Teacher of Tantra and Shamanism at True Tant(r)a School, Arek also studied Psychology in Management at the Kozminski University.  

        He performed in big productions at the ROMA Musical Theatre (Rain Song, Mamma Mia and Pilots) and also conducted workshops using the design thinking method and improvisation theatre techniques. During his studies, he started breathing practice in the CUUD group with Katarzyna Gilgenast and since then he has been actively participating in workshops and trainings in the field of tantra and shamanism.


        Arek has been closely associated in the last 3 years with the "Here and Now" Center in Nowy Kawków (PL), where he co-creates, organises and supports the operation of the center and assists teachers in their work.


        He likes to name values, share experiences and lead clients to their higher consciousness treating his work as a source of self-realization and an opportunity to investigate into the root of the clients' problems. Arek is focused on integrating feminine and masculine energy, for over a dozen of years he has been working with the body movements.  


        It is fair to say that he treats the body and breath as channels to the higher consciousness and has a passion for discovering that infinite wisdom that everyone has in themselves.

        Susan - b&w photo.jpg

        Susan Avila Townsend

                         Spain / UK

        As a creative artist, wife, vegan and animal enthusiast with experience in investment banking and start-ups, Susan took Mindset Development into her own hands to find answers to her own mental problem - overcoming childhood trauma - that kept her from moving on as an entrepreneur.  
        Her research and work turned into helping others do the same.  And now she can share it with the world, starting with you!

        She is the founder of The Infinite Possibilities Entrepreneurs Program, a dedicated Mindset Coach, and an enthusiastic Self-Influencer Igniter.  Susan is on a mission to support ambitious internet entrepreneurs by amplifying their voices and impact to create a phenomenal life and business without limitations - She does this by uncovering their HIDDEN GENIUS and translating it into a SUPERIOR MINDSET.
        Her clients benefit from her specialised training in Neuro-Science Coaching, NLP Mastery and the unique appliction of Creative Thinking Models in combination with Flow State.

          • Neuro Coaching for online entrepreneurs
          • Success Mindset to Overcome Trauma
          • Mindset Optimization for High Performance Environments & Entrepreneurship
          • Neuro Goal Setting |  Flow State for Accelerated Success
          • Reframing for Success |  Conquer Mental Roadblocks in Business
          • Balancing Creative Energy and Business Drive motivation

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