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Core Essence

Rejuvenate and Optimise your life in beautiful, tranquil central Italy, surrounded by nature and breathtaking views of the Italian countryside !

What do we provide?

- Instructive and interactive workshops on topics such as  Authentic Self-expression, Self-care, Clarity vs Intuition, Female Leader’s Voice, Confidence and Positive Body Image, Manifestation, Mindfulness, Expressing Joy and Stress Management aimed to create lasting transformation.
- Support from an international team of trainers who understand your journey and have experienced every step of it and are passionate about making a change in the world.
- Connection with other women in a supportive and inspiring atmosphere with daily discussions to share breakthroughs and experiences.
- Nutritious and healthy meals crafted with fresh, local ingredients. 
- Excursions to nearby towns and villages for dining, sightseeing, and exploring. 
- Special events such as wine tastings, olive oil tastings, and cooking demonstrations.
- A follow-up program to help you stay connected and motivated to continue your self-discovery and personal growth journey.
- An opportunity to experience  Italian culture through guided sightseeing tours, and exploration of local cultural events.


We create unique retreats hosted by our team in central Italy. Inspired by the founder's transformative personal experience and her love for the region of Abruzzo in Italy, they combine a restorative power of the Alpine mountains, a breeze from the Adriatic Sea, a generous local hospitality, tranquility of a less frequent travel destination, authentic experiences of Italy, movement for the body, stillness for the mind and a soul deep connection with the Mother Nature.


Our retreats also offer private consultations with a facilitator to address any specific concerns you may have. With all of these features, our Core Essence Optimal retreats are designed to help you leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world.

Medieval villages, mountain castles, narrow cobbled streets - the past is present in Abruzzo.


Abandoned shepherds' villages serve as a reminder about the old ways of living.


You can admire spectacular views of mountains, valleys, olive groves, sea and beautiful
dawns and sunsets.


Authentic Italian food typical of Abruzzo region.

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