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Inner Journey
21-26 May 2024

Welcome to the mystical realm of Abruzzo, nestled in the breathtaking Italian countryside, where your spiritual journey awaits. Close your eyes and allow your senses to come alive as you embark on a transformative six-day Inner Journey retreat, guided by a compassionate and experienced spiritual coach teamed up with a local fascilitating coach whose love for Abruzzo is profound. As the warm sun caresses your skin and a gentle breeze whispers through the olive groves, you find yourself enveloped in a serene and sacred atmosphere. The energy of this ancient land reverberates through your being, awakening a profound sense of connection and harmony within. With each step you take, the vibrant hues of nature's tapestry surround you, painting the landscape in hues of emerald green and golden ochre. The scent of wildflowers and earth mingles in the air, inviting you to immerse yourself fully in the healing embrace of Mother Earth.


The retreat location, a sanctuary of tranquility, welcomes you with open arms. Its rustic charm and simple elegance create a safe and nurturing space for your inner exploration. The rooms are adorned with soft linens and natural materials, setting the stage for profound self-discovery and spiritual growth. As you gather with a circle of kindred souls, you can feel the palpable anticipation and vulnerability in the air. The shared commitment to personal evolution creates an intimate and supportive community, where authenticity is cherished and celebrated. Each person's unique journey becomes a mirror for your own, as you learn and grow together. The days unfold with a carefully crafted program of interactive workshops, guided meditations, and soul-stirring rituals. The teachings of Tantra, rooted in ancient wisdom and modern understanding, invite you to explore the realms of sacred sensuality, deep connection, and conscious embodiment.Through gentle guidance and compassionate facilitation, your spiritual coach creates a space where vulnerability is met with compassion, where shadows are embraced with love, and where the expansive power of your true essence is recognised. Within this sacred container, you feel supported to shed layers of conditioning, heal past wounds, and liberate yourself from limiting beliefs. In the embrace of Tantra, you embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance, opening yourself to the infinite possibilities of pleasure, intimacy, and spiritual expansion.


Through mindful practices, breathwork, and heart-centered exercises, you cultivate a profound connection with yourself and others, dissolving the illusion of separation and tapping into the divine essence that flows through all beings. As the days unfold, you witness profound transformations within yourself and your fellow travelers. Hearts are cracked open, tears of release are shed, and laughter reverberates through the hills, carrying the echoes of newfound freedom and joy. The retreat becomes a sacred cocoon, nurturing your growth and providing the space for profound healing, integration, and self-love.In the twilight of the final evening, a sense of profound gratitude fills the air. The bonds forged, the insights gained, and the profound connections made will forever be etched into your heart. As you bid farewell to the retreat, you carry with you a renewed sense of purpose, a deepened understanding of yourself, and a toolkit of practices to continue your journey long after the retreat ends. Abruzzo, with its timeless beauty and soul-stirring energy, has witnessed the unfolding of your personal evolution. The Inner Journey retreat has served as a catalyst, igniting the flame of transformation within you. And as you step back into the world, you do so with a newfound radiance, an open heart, and a profound connection to the divine dance of life itself. Following this path you will start creating your life as you wish with joy, abundance and an internal peace. 

* MORE details in Polish / Informacje po polsku

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Purpose, Power, Prosperity
29th May - 4th June 2024

Nestled amidst the enchanting Italian countryside, where the emerald hills gracefully roll and the sweet scent of blooming flowers dances in the air, lies a haven of serenity and self-discovery. Welcome to the ethereal spiritual retreat for women in Abruzzo, where the boundaries of time and space fade away, and the soul finds solace in its quest for inner peace. As you step onto this sacred land, you feel an immediate connection with the earth beneath your feet, as if it welcomes you with open arms. The vibrant greenery embraces you, whispering tales of ancient wisdom and untold stories. The gentle breeze carries with it a symphony of melodies, harmonising with your breath, inviting you to let go and surrender to the transformative journey that awaits. The retreat unfolds like a delicate dance, carefully choreographed to nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

Guided by a compassionate spiritual coach, you embark on a four-day odyssey of introspection and self-exploration, where the mundane worries of the outside world fade into insignificance. This immersive program promises a deep dive into the realms of your true essence, igniting a flame of self-awareness that burns brightly within. At the break of dawn, as the sun paints the sky with hues of gold and rose, you gather with a circle of extraordinary women, united in their desire to unlock their highest potential. The mornings commence with gentle yoga and meditation sessions, where you unravel the layers of stress and tension, surrendering them to the earth's loving embrace. With each breath, you dive deeper into your inner sanctuary, unlocking hidden reservoirs of strength, resilience, and wisdom.Throughout the day, you engage in thought-provoking interactive workshops and soul-stirring discussions, exploring a myriad of spiritual practices and ancient wisdom teachings. With open hearts and open minds, you delve into the realms of mindfulness, energy healing, and sacred rituals, peeling away the layers of conditioning and awakening to the divine spark within. Supported by the sisterhood of fellow retreat participants, you experience profound breakthroughs, releasing old patterns and embracing new possibilities. As twilight blankets the sky, the retreat weaves its magic through mystical ceremonies and soul-nourishing rituals. The gentle glow of candlelight illuminates your path as you embark on a moonlit labyrinth walk, symbolising your journey to the center of your being. Each step carries intention and purpose, guiding you closer to the answers that lie within. The collective energy of the group magnifies, creating a sacred space where vulnerability is honored and healing is embraced. Nourishment for the body and spirit intertwines seamlessly in this spiritual haven. Wholesome, organic meals prepared with love and intention grace your palate, invigorating your senses and replenishing your vitality. Every bite becomes a mindful celebration of gratitude, a communion with the earth's bountiful offerings, reminding you of the sacred connection between nourishment and spiritual well-being. As the final day approaches, your heart swells with gratitude for the transformative journey you have embarked upon.

The retreat has become a tapestry of shared experiences, laughter, tears, and profound connections. Through the support of the sisterhood you have formed, you realise that you are not alone on this path. The bonds forged in this sacred space are threads that will continue to weave their magic long after the retreat's conclusion. With renewed clarity and a deep sense of purpose, you bid farewell to the tranquil Italian countryside, carrying the essence of this spiritual retreat within your very being. As you step back into the world, you embrace life's challenges with grace and resilience, knowing that you have awakened to the truth of your own divine essence. Empowered, inspired, and forever changed, you journey forth, radiating the joy and abundance.

MORE INFORMATION with a full presentation here


23 - 26th April 2024

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Yoga on the Beach

Who is it for?

Core Essence Optimal retreats are aimed at those who want to better themselves as leaders looking to re-connect to their authentic divine power while experiencing teachings and guidance from an international team passionate about conscious empowerment. You will benefit if you are open-minded, open to receiving new knowledge and experiences, trusting the process, prepared to put the past to bed and start from a new re-connecting to their core essence and creating their lives in a conscious manner. No age is too early or too late. There is no right or wrong background, skill level, education or life experience. Also, it will be best for women who appreciate nature and love the tranquillity of the Italian countryside. As long as you are willing to participate with an open mind and heart, you are welcome!

Outdoor Yoga
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