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Core Essence Retreats
What are the Benefits ?

  • Discover & Reconnect with your unique purpose to master life with vigour, confidence and balance 

  • Gain Clarity on any limiting beliefs and obstacles you feel are holding you back from experiencing success in life.

  • Learn how to turn any limiting beliefs into unstoppable confidence  

  • Deep Dive into conscious empowerment techniques and tools so you can apply them immediately and experience positive changes in your life.

  • Cultivate a deeper understanding of your true authentic self to create a life aligned with purpose

  • Benefit from highly trained and experienced facilitators for personal guidance and coaching 

  • Experience self-reflection and connection to the healing power of Mother Nature.

  • Gain access to your support network of like-minded female leaders from around the world and guarantee consistent growth

  • Relax and Recharge your mind and body with intent! Take a conscious break from the stressful demands of everyday life to invigorate your life and career

  • Expand your knowledge of spiritual practices and gain insight into how they can help you lead a more meaningful and balanced life.

  • Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Italian countryside with its unique culture and history of the region to take home lifelong memories of this amazing experience.

  • Celebrate life in a supportive environment with inspiring people and build meaningful friendships.



Our retreats are aimed to be incredibly powerful and transformative yet fun. Participants will benefit from re-connection to Mother Nature, a greater understanding of their own divine power, as well as increased self-awareness, more conscious communication, more meaningful connections with others, improved emotional regulation and enhanced creativity. They may also find a renewed sense of purpose and direction, allowing them to be more in touch with their inner wisdom. Ultimately, the retreats offer a chance for participants to access their authentic power and reclaim their lives with principles they want to follow.

Yoga on the Beach

Who is it for?

This retreats are aimed at those who want to better themselves as leaders looking to re-connect to their authentic divine power while experiencing teachings and guidance from an international team passionate about conscious empowerment. You will benefit if you are open-minded, open to receiving new knowledge and experiences, trusting the process, prepared to put the past to bed and start from a new re-connecting to their core essence and creating their lives in a conscious manner. No age is too early or too late. There is no right or wrong background, skill level, education or life experience. Also, it will be best for women who appreciate nature and love the tranquillity of the Italian countryside. As long as you are willing to participate with an open mind and heart, you are welcome!

Outdoor Yoga
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