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Finding equilibrium,

managing polarities in life.

In the heart of Italy's enchanting embrace, lies an extraordinary training platform, Core Essence Optimal, that spans across continents, bridging souls from every corner of the globe. This platform is so much more than a mere organization; it's a sanctuary of enlightenment, where individuals and corporates come together to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment. It's a space where souls are nurtured, talents are honed, lives are touched, hearts are awakened, and destinies are reshaped through the power of personal growth and transformation.

In the ethereal ambiance of Italy, where the air carries the whispers of history and the charm of culture, Core Essence Optimal retreats weave a tapestry of connections that defy borders and barriers. Within the nurturing embrace of this sacred land, attendees from diverse backgrounds unite as a harmonious symphony of growth and learning. The emotions can run deep in this realm of personal development and corporate enlightenment. It's a journey of courage, of stepping outside comfort zones, and daring to embrace change. It's a path where dreams are given wings, where potential is unlocked, and where greatness is realized.

With every sunrise, the attendees awaken to the promise of a new day, a day filled with opportunities to redefine their purpose and to shape their destiny. And as the sun sets, hearts are filled with gratitude and awe, as they witness the transformative power of unity, collaboration, and self-discovery.

Come, join this extraordinary platform, and let the magic of Italy ignite your soul. Embrace the journey of personal growth, of corporate evolution, and bask in the glow of a community bound by the shared pursuit of excellence. Welcome to a realm of Core Essence Optimal.


We help our clients getting out of anxiety, out of disconnect from their optimal version of themselves, out of feeling stuck in their lives and out of playing small at their work. We guide them on a journey of conscious empowerment to an authentic self-expression aligned with their highest goals, inspirations and re-discovery of their purpose to live an extraordinary life based on core values with an optimal balance and vigour.


We deliver our services online for those who cannot attend Core Essence Optimal retreats providing a variety of techniques, tools and methods via diverse experts and trainers.