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Core Essence Optimal retreats are always carefully designed to focus on a specific area while we take a holistic approach to tools and techniques provided to our participants.


Purpose, Power, Prosperity for women is promising exactly that kind of retreat.



Guided by a compassionate spiritual coach, you embark on a four-day odyssey of introspection and self-exploration, where the mundane worries of the outside world fade into insignificance.


This immersive program promises a deep dive into the realms of your true essence, igniting a flame of self-awareness that burns brightly within. Throughout the day, you engage in thought-provoking interactive workshops and soul-stirring discussions, exploring a myriad of spiritual practices and ancient wisdom teachings. With open hearts and open minds, you delve into the realms of mindfulness, energy healing, and sacred rituals, peeling away the layers of conditioning and awakening to the divine spark within.


Supported by the sisterhood of fellow retreat participants, you experience profound breakthroughs, releasing old patterns and embracing new possibilities.


This spiritual retreat for women is facilitated in Abruzzo, where the boundaries of time and space fade away, and the soul finds solace in its quest for inner peace. As you step onto this sacred land, you feel an immediate connection with the earth beneath your feet, as if it welcomes you with open arms. The vibrant greenery embraces you, whispering tales of ancient wisdom and untold stories.


Core Essence Optimal retreats take place in Abruzzo where the connection to nature and oneness of space and time are particularly strong. Incredibly powerful energies of this ancient land provide a cradle for your spiritual re-birth.


Accommodation is provided in amazing venues in Cugnoli nestled in a breathtakingly beautiful countryside, between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennine Mountains, 30 minutes away from Abruzzo airport in Pescara (with direct flights from London and other European cities), 2,5 hour away from international airports of Rome, local cousine served in family owned restaurants, opportunities to add excursions, spa or extend your stay a bit longer. 


See a presentation with a full program here. For additional information contact


Learn about Suzi Edwards, spiritual coach, providing the teachings here.


Learn about Monika Bodera, facilitator, the founder of Core Essence Optimal here.


Learn about past retreats here.




Purpose, Power, Prosperity - Retreat for Women

£1,555.00 Regular Price
£1,111.00Sale Price
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